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Tulenkestävä teippi Dunamenti PS 25 WRAP

Tekninen dokumentaatio

Through manufacturing in various sizes it serves as the main raw material for fire proof cuffs with and without metal house applied for the fire protection of plastic tubes. It is applicable for use as fire-retardant sealing material at joints of sandwich panels.

  • Product: PS-25 fire protection tape
  • System: Plastic-based strongly intumescent tape
  • Physical –chemical characteristics: Black elastic, flexible tape, easily formable, Over 180oC shows powerful expansion. Frost and damp-proof.
  • Density: 1,25-1,35 g/cm3
  • Extension temperature: 180 – 220 oC
  • Extension rate: 10 - 20 fold

Dimensions of fire tape:

  • Width: 30 és 60 mm
  • Thickness: 2,5 mm

  • Storage: between + 5 - + 35 oC
  • Packing: in roll 30 m
  • Fire resistance limit: from EI60 upto EI180

Application: For fire protection of doors and windows to stick it onto the surface, for pipes to roll the proper thcickness according to the fire-resistance limit.

Valid licences and tests: CR-139-12-AUNE and ÉME A-247/2006

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