Savun pitävät ovet (Sm C5, 2000mm x 2100mm, Kaksoisovet)

  • Koko: (2000mm x 2100mm) area = 4,200m2
  • Clear tempered internal glass 8mm;
  • Colour: RAL 9006 (profiles ja hinges);
  • 3-osa hinges;
  • 3-point lock mounted in the active door leaf;
  • Euro-cylinder 30x70;
  • Stainless steel lever hjales;
  • Stainless steel cylinder suojaa;
  • Mechanical door Kynnys mounted in the door leaf;
  • Oven sulkija DORMA (RAL 9006);
  • Mechanical stoppers of the passive door leaf (top ja bottom);
  • View alkaen the outside, opens outwards;

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