Sulku palopellit, joissa on sähkömoottori mcr FID PRO (KW1/S, 100 mm, [N]/[M])

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Malli: mcr FID PRO (KW1/S)
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Single-blade cut-off fire damper and damper for fire ventilation systems.

Tekninen informaatio
*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

Fire resistance: EIS 120, EIS 120 AA – depending on method of manufacturing, as well as method ja place of installation.

Tyyppis of palopeltiä:

  • mcr FID PRO / M – round palopeltiä in the form of a sleeve
  • mcr FID PRO / N – round palopeltiä in the form of a nipple
  • mcr FID PRO / K – round palopeltiä in the form of a flange

Purpose: cut-off Palopeltis of the mcr FID PRO Tyyppi with the thermal release unit are designed to be used in general ventilation systems where these systems run through building osaitions (mcr FID PRO/S designation). In the event of fire, these palopeltiä enable the osaition, through which ventilation ja air-conditioning ducts run, to retain its fire resistance properties. In normal operating conditions the damper’s screen is open. If fire breaks out, the damper’s screen closes. 

Control – release:

KW1 mechanism – activated by a return spring with fusible link rated at e.g. 72°C tai remotely by an electromagnet (pulse tai power break), reset by means of a lever tai additional actuator (Vn= 24V DC tai 230V AC).

RST mechanism – activated by a return spring with fusible link rated at e.g. 72°C, manual re-arming by means of a lever.

Electrical actuator – activated by a thermocouple rated at e.g. 72°C tai remotely, by supply power decay (power break), remote reset by supplying power (Vn= 24V AC/DC tai 230V AC).

Electrical actuator – activated remotely, by supplying power (pulse), remote reset by resupply of power (Vn= 24V AC/DC tai 230V AC).

Dimensions (to the accuracy of 1 mm): The mcr FID PRO palopeltiä are manufactured only as round palopeltiä 100 mm to 315 mm in diameter. Aosa alkaen Stjaardi dimensions, palopeltiä can be customised to any Koko within the specified ranges.

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