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Brannhydrant bokser KOMBI Kit HW-25N-CC

Produsent: GRAS
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The fire hose valve cabinet is made of bent galvanized metal sheets with a thickness of 1,5 mm, welded on all sides. To ensure perfect fit to the frame the doors are semi-pivot-hinged.

Surface is coated with epoxy – polyester powder paint (minimal thickness is 80 mkm), in standard version RAL 9010 (white), PATENT type of key.

* Produktbeskrivelsen er basert på informasjon fra produsenten om produktet. Beskrivelsen og bildene er informative, operasjonelle endringer er mulige. I henhold til visse endringer fra produsenten kan endringer gjøres i beskrivelsen av produktet eller dets parametere.

Country of manufacture: Poland

Technical specifications: Door without glass

  • Height 1040 mm
  • Width 740 mm
  • Depth 270 mm

Coated with epoxy - polyester powder paint (minimum thickness 80 mkm), standard RAL 9010 (white), PATENT type of key.

The door is equipped with a breakable glass window, behind which you can hang a spare key from the box on the hook.

Fire pump button can be installed in the drawers on your request.

You can place an individual order for color from RAL catalogue, and also place an order to manufacture from the stainless steel plates.

We can also build in a mechanism for spooling of rigid hoses Ø 25 mm

HW-25/Z 20 or HW-25/Z 30

The price of the fire hydrant kit: 363.00 EUR (VAT inc.)/375.10 EUR (VAT inc.)

(20/30 m hose)

Set includes:

  • Winding mechanism, reel HW-25/Z 20 or HW-25/Z 30.
  • Rigid fire hose Ø 25 mm, tied 20 m or 30 m
  • Fire hydrant, bronze, threaded 25 mm .
  • Quick fire connectors STORZ 25 mm
  • Fire hose barrel BNP 25 mm (Ø6, Ø8, Ø10 or Ø11)

The kit price can change depending on the equipment.

Compliant with: LVS EN 671-1:2001, Nr.1438/CPD/0062-0003/0004, CE 1438

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