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Bevegelsesdetektor KD-119

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This alarm device consists of a motion sensor and a remote control. After installation, the motion sensor gives an audible signal if someone tries to enter the protected area. The sensor reacts quickly, it is easy to install and use. It can be used in private homes, warehouses, shops, factories and other similar places.

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  1. In case of discharge, replace the battery.
  2. Low battery alarm sounds only when the sensor is set to protection mode.
  3. Install the device minimum 1 meter away from objects, creating a magnetic field, such as fluorescent lights or a fan.

Technical specifications:

  • Source of energy 6V
  • Electrostatic charge ≤400uA
  • Operating temperature range -10oC ~40oC
  • Sound power ≥85dB/1 m
  • Frequency 433.92 MHZ
  • Coverage 100x360 m
  • Installation height 2.5-4 m
  • Warranty: Two year

Remote controller

  • Control distance 25m
  • Frequency 433.92мHZ
  • Voltage 10мA
  • Battery 12V

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