Brannslukning system

Spjeldventil ABO DN65 med aktuatoren (VB030 230 V)

Produsent: Valbia
Modell: VB030
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VALBIA electric actuators have been designed and tested to operate ball and butterfly valves for industrial sector. Actuators are available in standard version with rotation 0°-90°. On request we can supply actuators with rotation 0°-180° and/or 0°-270°. For applications other than that above are needed please contact the VALBIA engineering.

Technical information

* Produktbeskrivelsen er basert på informasjon fra produsenten om produktet. Beskrivelsen og bildene er informative, operasjonelle endringer er mulige. I henhold til visse endringer fra produsenten kan endringer gjøres i beskrivelsen av produktet eller dets parametere.

Here below are some technical characteristics of Valbia electric actuators:

They are standard equipped with heating resistors to avoid condensate into the actuator due to the changes of the external environmental temperature (Par. 4.7).

A safety system must be in place to shut off the actuator in case the motor requires a torque over the one for which it has been designed (torque limiter). Torque limiter intervention is indicated by a red color LED (Par. 4.8) and by the closure of the remote signal an auxiliary contact (Par. 4.6);

Duty rating: the electric actuator was designed for working with a duty rating of 75% referred to the working time and to the nominal load. This parameter defines the rest times after an operation. The use of the actuator with an higher duty rating can cause the not correct intervention torque limiter or the failure of electronic components.

  • Nominal torque [Nm]: 30
  • Nominal torque [LbIn]: 266
  • Nominal voltage (H Version): 100 – 240 Vac
  • Absorbed current (H Version) [A]: 0.3 - 0.2
  • Absorbed power (H Versioen) [VA]: 30 - 48
  • Nominal voltage (L Version): 12Vac/dc
  • Absorbed current (L Version) [A] 2.0
  • Absorbed power (L Versioen) [VA] 24
  • Frequency [Hz]: 50/60
  • Rotation time 0° - 90° [sec]: 8

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