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CarboWrap Tetting Tape (D160)


  • Fire resistance class: up to El 120 U/C, Up to El 120 C/U
  • Environmental class: Z1, Z2
  • Storage temperature range: from +5 °C up to +35 °C
  • Application life: Unlimited; however, best before 24 months
  • Commercial packaging: 1 piece
  • Types of wraps: CW-25*, CW-32*, CW-40*, CW-55, CW-68, CW-82, CW-90, CW-110, CW-125, CW-135, CW-160

*Alternatively, use Multitube cable wraps pre-cut at the manufacturer’s site

CarboWrap CW wraps are supplied as a product ready for use. They are composed of one or more layers of graphite-based swelling inserts, embedded in an outer layer of PVC film or a similar material.

Envelop the CarboWrap CW wrap around the pipe to be protected and cut it to the required length, if necessary. The wrap should be placed in a hole, inside the partition wall.

  • European Technical Approval: ETA-16/0190
  • Certificate of Constancy of Performance: 1488-CPR-0580/W
  • European Declaration of Conformity: CARBO/010-21-12-2016


Fire protective CarboWrap CW wraps are designed for fire protective sealing of installation passages through walls or ceilings through which single or joint plastic pipes (PVC, PP, PE-HD, PE, ABS, SAN+PVC) with diameters up to D 160 mm pass. The thickness of partition walls, through which the systems are carried out shall not be less than:

  • 100 mm – for flammable pipes DN ≤ 110 mm, flexible carton-plaster boards,
  • 150 mm – walls made of concrete, cellular concrete, solid brick, hollow brick or checker brick,
  • 150mm – ceilings – made of concrete or reinforced concrete.


  • Install the pipe.
  • Place the wrap on the pipe to be sealed. Glue the ends together using a self-adhesive tape overlapping so that the wrap encircles the pipe around the entire circumference of the swelling insert.
  • Place the wrap in the hole so that it is placed symmetrically with respect to the wall axis (centrally) as shown in Fig. 1 or in the lower part of the ceiling – 10 mm from the lower surface as shown in Fig. 2.
  • After placing the wrap, the gaps between the wrapped pipe and the hole diameter must be filled with cement mortar.
  • Mark the transition on the pipe with the information label attached to the CarboWrap CW wrap.

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