Antiseptisk og brann-retarderende midler

Antiseptisk for tre TENTS XML (3l, flytende konsentrat 1: 1, grønn eller brun)

It is resistant to washing out. 

Antipiren is applied to the wood surface with: 

  • Brush.
  • Roller.
  • Spray applicator.
  • Soaking.

The color of a wood that are treated by antipiren are yellow-green or brown.

Manufactured as a tørr composition.

Main colors: green og brown.

Coloring agent to color wood og wood products.

Well painted, cover flaws; make wood og wood products more attractive looks.

Store products between -10°C og +-30°C

Application rate: 0,10 l - 0,20 l / 1 m2

Do not apply over old paint!

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