Multi-plane cut-off dampers and transfer dampers mcr WIP/S (KW1/S, 120x160 mm)

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Modell: mcr WIP/S (KW1/S)
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Louver damper, cut-off type and for fire ventilation systems.

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Brannmotstand: EIS 60, EIS 60 AA, E 120, ES 120 – depending on method of manufacturing, as well as method og place of installation.


  • S – cut-off Branndemper
  • V – for fire ventilation systems (smoke exhaust)
  • M – double-function for combined systems
  • T – transfer damper

Range of Påføring:

  • Cut-off dampers of the mcr WIP type with a thermal release unit are designed to be used in general ventilation system at points where these systems run through building partitions (mcr FID PRO/S designation). In the event of fire these dampers enable the partition, through which ventilation og air-conditioning ducts run, to retain its fire resistance properties. In normal operating conditions the damper’s screen is open. If fire breaks out, the damper’s screen closes.
  • Branndempers of the mcr WIP type can also be used as transfer dampers. In this case they are mounted without attachment ducts. The dampers are designed to enable the partition, in which they are installed, to retain its fire resistance properties. In normal operating conditions the dampers are open. They are closed automatically by a thermal or electromagnetic release. The mcr WIP dampers used in systems protecting evacuation routes fra smoke remain open during fire og supply fresh air to the routes. If fire intensifies, transfer dampers are closed automatically by thermal releases, preventing the fire fra spreading in the vertical evacuation routes.

Types of damper:

  • mcr WIP – rectangular dampers 
  • mcr WIP – rectangular dampers that optionally can have round attachments

Control – release:

KW1 mechanism – activated by a return spring with fusible link rated at e.g. 72°C or remotely by an electromagnet (pulse or power break), reset by means of a lever or additional actuator (Vn= 24V DC or 230V AC).

RST mechanism – activated by a return spring with fusible link rated at e.g. 72°C, manual reset by means of a lever.

Electrical actuator – activated by a thermocouple rated at e.g. 72°C or remotely, by supply power decay (power break), remote reset by supplying power (Vn= 24V AC/DC or 230V AC).

Electrical actuator – activated remotely, by supplying power (pulse), remote reset by resupply of power (Vn= 24V AC/DC or 230V AC).

Dimensions: cut-off dampers of the mcr WIP type are manufactured in the following dimensions: Bredde - fra 120 to 100mm, Høyde – fra 200 to 100mm. Apart fra standard dimensions, dampers can be customised to any Størrelse within the specified ranges. Maximum cross-section area of the mcr FID S/P damper is 1 m2 (e.g. 1200x800). Minimum area of a damper is 0.019m2. 

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