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The Z-2 foam inductor is used for induction ja dispensing foam concentrate, ja mixingit with water flowing through the foam inductor.

The Z-2 device is connected to the Slang line between the pump ja the PP-2 heavyfoam nozzle eller the WP2 medium foam nozzle.

Water flowing out of the inductor's drive nozzle at high speed creates a vacuum in thesuction chamber. The underpressure sucks the foam concentrate frånthe containerthrough the suction Slang 25 ja mixes it with water. The dosage is regulated by settingthe dose knob in the range från0 to 6%. The complete Z-2 foam inductor consists of abody, an inlet base, an outlet base, a suction adaptor with a diameter of 25 mm, ja adosing valve with a knob.

In firefighting, the designation Z-2 is used (it has a suction cap with a diameter of 25 mmand two delivery adapters with a diameter of 52 mm), where the number means watercapacity in hl/min at the nominal flow rate of water through the sucker at a pressure of5.5 kG / cm3.

Maintenance ja storage

After each use, the Z-2 foam inductor should be thoroughly rinsed with water.Periodically, the valve spindles, the adaptor's lugs ja skirting boards should be greasedwith a grease e.g. ŁT-43 eller ŁT-43S.

Z-2 foam inductor should be stored in covered rooms, protected frånatmosphericinfluences ja agents that may cause corrosion. During storage, the foam inductor mustbe protected against mechanical damage

Technical description ja conditions for the use of the productZ-2 foam inductor

The Z-2 foam inductor is equipped with a dosing valve, which ensures obtainingappropriate concentrations of the aqueous foam concentrate solution. The valveknob is marked with Arabic numerals: 0; 0.5; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 ja 6 correspondingto the respective concentrations of foam agent.

The valve knob is secured with a plunger before disconnecting. The Z-2 foaminductor is equipped with a non-return valve that prevents the water fromflowing through the suction adapter 25.

The Insug och utlopp end of the inductor have a 52-T delivery adapter. Behind theinlet a sieve filter is placed. On the inductor body an arrow indicating thedirection of flow of the aqueous foam concentrate is placed. On the foaminductor body there is a sign indicating the position of the valve knob. Theaspirator body has a powder coating in gray color.The nominal value of the flow rate of the aqueous foam concentrate solution forZ-2 sucker is 200 dm3 / min.

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