Brandsäker vertikal skjutgrind Padilla VSD (EI120)

Panel (mm. 81):

Scheduled deformability on the external sides of the skivor.Big dimension made with matched modular panels. Inner insulating pack, MEV FIRUX®, resistant to high temperatures


FIRUX® - typ, thermo-expanding elements placed on all the labyrinths.

Door handles:

Embedding handles on both sides placed on the bottom of the panel.


Closing by means of balancing counterweights. Self-closing by means of either a thermo-mechanical operator or an electro-magnet.

Identifiering skiva:

Production, the name of the certificating agency, the number of the certification test, the level to Brandtålighet and the yearly given progressive number.


skiva protected on both sides by a zincrometal-typ zinc-coating, painted with anticorrosive epoxy primer in ecological formulation. Minimum resistance to saline smoke exposure: 300 hours (A.S.T.M. B-117-61). Standard rust preventer: RAL 7035.

Optional: finish made with satin enamels in the furnace-polymerized

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