Inspektionsluckor Siniat® Fire-Tech EI60 (storlekar min. 200x200 mm – max. 800x800 mm)

An all-around expanding fire sealing with a tjocklek of ca. 1 mm goes around the perimeter of the panel door.

The face of the frame is covered with NIDA Fire+ boards withs a tjocklek of 2x15.0 mm. A rimming made of Promatect®-XS boards with a tjocklek of 2x15.0 mm is attached to the internal side of the frame, acting as panel protection from the inside (cover). The rimming is protected with NIDA Fire+ boards with a tjocklek of 2x12.5 mm and connected with steel staples. An all-around fire sealing with a tjocklek of ca. 1 mm goes around the perimeter of the rimming from the inside.

All the mechanic elements of the access panel (clamps, hinges, door) have been additionally protected with a two-part cover from the internal side, made of NIDA Fire+ boards with total tjocklek of 2x15 mm.

The access panel may be removed from the frame, providing free access to the space over the ceiling. The panels are flush with the aluminium profile frame – no skimming required. Removable revolving hinges and metal Mini-Latsch locks can be used to make the frame flush with the access panel door. A steel safety wire provides protection against the access panel falling out. An optional cylinder lock may be installed, with one or more keys.


  • Application of NIDA Fire+ plasterboards with increased Brandtålighet allows for the achievement of high fire protection parameters
  • Access panel frames, made of high quality aluminium guarantee high durability and stiffness of panel construction
  • The unique construction of access panels provides Brandtålighet from both sides – external and internal
  • Application of Promatect®-XS fireproof boards from Promat – leader in passive fire protection
  • Precise fitting of boards to the access panel frames eliminates the need of skimming screws and joints
  • The access panels are made manually, which guarantees very high quality and durability
  • Quick, easy mounting thanks to the perfect finishing of all the access panel elements
  • The all-around expanding seal ensures high fire tightness of the panels
  • The aluminium hinges and steel safety wires prevent the access panels from falling out of the aluminium frames
  • Optional cylinder lock in the system of one or more keys and metal Mini-Latsch systems allows for quick and easy access
  • Dimensions available: from min. 200x200 mm to max. 600x600 mm (EI30) and 800x800 mm (EI60, EI120)
  • Any size of access panels can be made (within the range of 200 ÷ 800 mm)

General use instructions:

  • In order to ensure proper mounting of the access panel, the cut out opening should be appropriately larger than the size of the door frame (depending on the typ of the access panel).
  • Mount the access panel directly to the construction of the suspended ceiling, using the dedicated metal sheet screws.
  • Thanks to the installed snap locks, the assess panel may be opened by pressing the panel door
  • In order to open the access panel all the way, unhinge the steel safety wire (watch out for the access panel not to fall out) and remove the panel door.
  • Always make sure before you close the panel door to put the steel safety wire back in place.
  • In case of any doubt, always observe the Siniat Fire-tech® access panel mounting instructions.

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