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Tillverkare: Flame Guard
Modell: HCA ITC

Harmless, fire protecting, clear, odor-free halogen-free nitric- phosphoric liquid HCA ITC can be applied for enhancing fireproof qualities of natural and mix fibers. The liquid can be used with many binding agents.

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*Product description is based on information provided by the manufacturer about the product. The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. In accordance with certain modifications from the manufacturer changes may be made in the description of the product or its parameters.

Characteristics: HCA ITC is very effective fire protective liquid which after dilution and addition of catalyst (recommended – HCA OV) is quickly absorbed by water-absorbing materials. After drying, the fabric is saturated with chemical substances, which enhance firefighting qualities of the fabric. If HCA ITC is applied properly, the quality of the fabric will not be deteriorated. The liquid will not make the fabric oily, not change its color and not lead to molding so that the treated fabric is keeping its flexibility. HCA ITC is not toxic, not irritate skin and eyes and very convenient for customer. The level of pH of the liquid is neutral.

Field of applications:HCA ITC is used for treatment of natural and/or mixed fibers. The liquid can be used for treatment of finished fabrics and fabrics in the soaks as well.

The fabrics in the soaks are treated by the method of industrial soaking. The method of industrial soaking allows to mix in one soak the liquid HCA ITC with water- and dirt-repellents (recommended HCA FC) and with other moisturizing agents (catalysts), for example HCA OV. The fabrics can be treated together with the agents for treatment of felted carpets and many other types of cover. The finished fabrics are treated by spraying of liquid.

Application methods: Fabrics can be treated with HCA ITC by soaking or by spraying method. After treatment, the fabrics should be dried.

In case the fabrics will be treated by soaking method, we may offer the following recipe:

100% cotton:
  • 250 parts of HCA ITC,
  • 750 parts of water,
  • 0-1 parts of catalysts (HCA OV),
  • Level of soaking 75%.

50% cotton - 50% polyester:

  • 350 parts of HCA ITC,
  • 650 water,
  • 0-1 parts of catalysts (HCA OV),
  • Level of soaking 75%.

100% polyester:

  • 500 parts of HCA ITC,
  • 500 parts of water,
  • 0-1 parts of catalysts (HCA OV),
  • Level of soaking 75%.

Although in the treatment we recommend to use HCA FC, the other water- and dirt-repellents can be applied. Depending on the type of repellent, 30-100 g of repellent agent may be added to each liter of prepared liquid.

In this case and for treatment of 100% cotton fabric, the composition of the liquid will be the following:

  • 250 parts of HCA ITC,
  • 750 parts of water,
  • 0-1 catalyst (recommended – HCA OV),
  • 30-100 parts of water and dirt-repellent (recommended – HCA FC).

Usually and under temperature between 130°C -160°C, the fixation is occurred in couple of minutes. More specific information on fixation you find in the list of technical parameters. Before the full treatment is carried out, we recommend you to test the mixing of water with repellent and catalyst. We can provide you information on results of application of HCA FC on many other products.

Additional treatment: In case if, treated material has been cleaned by water or contacted with water it is required to conduct additional treatment of the material. The treated material can be dried approximately ten times.

Required quantity: Required quantity of HCA ITC is strongly depended on the volume of materials to be treated and the expected results of the treatment. For example, 1 kg of HCA ITC is enough to make fire resistant of 8 kg of 100% cotton fabric, in addition to testing of textiles to conformity with respective standards NEN 1722, DIN 54 336, NF G 07-181/4, NF P 92 503 (Le Bruleur Electrique) and Fс 25.853-b. To reach the same results with the 100% polyester fabric, the required quantity of HCA ITC will be increased three times.

Technical specifications:

  • Density: 1170 (+/- 20) kg/m3,
  • pH: 7 +/- 1,
  • Activity of material: 320 (+/- 10) г/кг,
  • Melting point: -5°C till -10°C,
  • Boiling point: 100°C to 110°C,
  • Point of decomposition: >150°C,
  • LD50: >5,000 mg/kg.

Package and storage: HCA ITC is supplied in 30 kg canisters, containers and in bulk. Unopened HCA ITC can be stored approximately three months.

Safety, transportation, application: Considering the content of the products and the results of its toxicological test, HCA ITC is deemed completely safe and harmless liquid so that there is no need for specific rules for application and transportation.

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