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Brandbeständig Piro akryl tätning AC120 (310 ml)

Tillverkare: Carboline
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Fire-resistant Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120 is a liquid, thick, white mass based on waterborne acrylic resin with special additives. The sealant is intended for sealing of joints or gaps and increases its volume under fire and fills the spaces between construction elements.

*Produktbeskrivningen är baserad på information från tillverkaren om produkten. Beskrivningen och fotona är informativa, operationella förändringar är möjliga. I enlighet med vissa ändringar från tillverkaren kan ändringar göras i beskrivningen av produkten eller dess parametrar.


  • Fire resistance class: max. EI 120
  • Colour: white
  • Environmental class: Z1, Z2
  • Bulk density g/cm3: 1.60 ± 5%
  • Storage temperature range: From +5°C to +30°C
  • Application life: 12 months
  • Theoretical yield per 310 ml pack: 31 dm3 of cured product
  • Commercial packaging: 310 ml — 25 pcs./box

Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120 is designed for making fire proof seals in:
- Cavities, expansion joints in space dividing elements acting as fire separations with permissible movement range of ±7.5%
- Spaces between door and window frames (made of wood, steel or PVC) but the sealant should not replace any means of mechanical fixing of windows and doors to a space dividing element
- Spaces around steel or copper pipes
- Areas previously protected using one of the products of the Carboline Polska system, such as bands, collars, cushions, foam or other type of sealing elements

  • European Technical Approval: ETA-17/1059
  • Declaration of Performance: PIRO/04-2017-12-31
  • Certificate of Constancy of Performance: 1448-CPR-0669/W


  • Remove dust and dirt from the joint. The surfaces in contact with the product should be level, free of dust, rust, grease and loose dirt. Before applying the sealant, apply tape to the adjacent surfaces to protect them from contamination and to ensure even application of the sealant.
  • Insert the product cartridge into the gun, then press the lever to release the sealant.
  • After completion of work, mark the finished penetration with the information label supplied with Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120.

Additional information:

Application temperature range for the sealant is from +5°C to +30°C. It is not recommended to apply Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120 to surfaces at temperatures lower than 5°C. The sealant after application can be painted. Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120 is intended for use indoors. The maximum width of an expansion joint to be sealed is 50 mm, and the space between elements should be filled with mineral wool, thickness of the Piro Acrylic Sealant AC120 placed on both sides of the partition — at least 15 mm. Maximum coating forming time is 30 minutes. The time necessary to achieve full curing of the sealant in order to achieve full fire resistance is 14 days

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