Brandresistent dörr av stål EI30 (1200 * 2100 mm)

Standardutrustning of doors:

  • Mortise latch and bolt lock
  • DIN eurocylinder & 3 standard keys
  • Sats of stainless steel U-form handles on long shields
  • 2 pcs of steel of stainless steel hinges
  • 1 pc of safety pin
  • Intumescent fire gasket and perimeter gasket
  • Automatic flush bolt in passive door leaf (in double leaf doors)

Kompletterande utrustning:

  • Panic locks Enligt EN 1125 and EN 179
  • Door closers Enligt EN 1154
  • Handles, knobs  and bars of stainless steel
  • Electric and electromotoric locks
  • Electric strikes and magnet contacts
  • Glazings in aluminum frame
  • Ventilation grills in aluminum frame
  • Kick skivor of stainless steel
  • Magnet holders
  • Automatic drop down seals for acoustic and smoke tight doors

Country of origin: Poland

Door Frames: Steel doors DFM DS are standardly fitted in with aluminium moulded frame. This ingenious solution effects in high aesthetics and quality of installation of door frames in all wall typs.

Standard model of frame is angled- corner typ. Optionally, rectangular and wall embracing frames are available, these additionally in variant of warm frame (thermal break) The undisputable advantage of such door frame construction accompanied by the rigid rebate of door leaf results in noticeable minimising of structural opening required for installation of fire doors.

Additionally, contrary to typical steel frame, aluminum frames are not jeopardised with corrosion if installed in exterior or in wet rooms. Aluminum frames are also characterised by ultimate quality of making due to no-welding corner connection technology. 

As standard, door frames are powder coated to RAL palette, however, customised anodised models are also provided on request.

Mechanical resistance and durability

Door leaves in basic variant fulfil the requirements of class 3 of mechanical durability Enligt EN 1192 and class 6 of mechanical resistance Enligt EN 12400 for 200 000 cycles of closing and opening.

Smoke tightness

Steel fire resistant doors typ DFM DS in one and double leaf variant fulfil the requirements of smoke proof classification Sa and Sm when sealed with automatic dropping gasket


Installation of doors DFM DS is innovative due to light and at the same time rigid aluminium door frame.

Contrary to standard typical steel frames, our aluminium frames are not load bearing elements of doors. 2 of total of fixing studs are fitted through the hinges. The stud is Satstled in wall construction through a steel skiva affixed in door frame and takes over some load off the door leaf.

The advantage of such installation is elimination of tensions and deformations typical for steel frames as well as aesthetics of final looks (the studs are invisible)

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