Antiseptiskt medel och Brandhämmande FAP

Antiseptisk lösning för trä TENTS XMK (3 kg, grönt eller brunt pulverkoncentrat)

It is resistant to washing out. 

Antipiren is applied to the wood surface with: 

  • Brush.
  • Roller.
  • Spray applicator.
  • Soaking.

The color of a wood that are treated by antipiren are yellow-green or brown.

Manufactured as a dry composition.

Main colors: green and brown.

Coloring agent to color wood and wood products.

Well painted, cover flaws; make wood and wood products more attractive looks.

Store products between -10°C and +-30°C

Application rate: 0,10 l - 0,20 l / 1 m2

Do not apply over old paint!

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